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Want Longer Eyelashes? Get Them Naturally

Want Longer Eyelashes? Get Them Naturally

Yaaa, longer eyelashes are something we can all use. Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks for that.

Eyelash serums are very popular. Logically, because we would all like to have longer eyelashes. But there are also drawbacks to eyelash serums. For example, a number of serums have become controversial that would be harmful to the eyes.

But luckily, there are also some natural ways to grow your lashes. We share the tips!

1. Apply natural oil to your lashes

Instead of an eyelash serum, you can apply natural oil on your lashes. For this you can choose castor oil or almond oil. Take an old mascara brush and apply it to your lashes in the morning just like your mascara.

Note: you don’t want to get this oil in your eyes, so apply it gently like you do with your mascara.

2. Skip the waterproof mascara

Finally, it is good to skip the waterproof mascara. This mascara is of course ideal on rainy days because the mascara stays put very well.

For exactly that reason, waterproof mascara is not useful if you want to grow your lashes. The mascara stays on so well that you have a hard time getting it off yourself. You have to rub a lot and use a lot of products to get your lashes clean again, which only damages them.

Tip: skip a day of mascara if you can.

3. Clean carefully and do not rub

We come directly to the next point: clean your lashes carefully. Do not rub too hard (not even with a cotton ball) but massage it gently. Even if you wake up in the morning and your eyes are not completely open.

Give your lashes some time and do not expect huge lashes à la Bambi. Good luck!


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