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These Will Be The Kitchen Trends of 2021

These Will Be The Kitchen Trends of 2021

New year, new kitchen? Choosing a suitable kitchen is not so easy. Do you want to go for functionality? What style should the kitchen be? In this article we’ll update you on the kitchen trends of 2021, to make sure you’ll be on the right track.

A kitchen is not just a place for cooking. Especially in recent years, this space is increasingly transformed into a central point of the house. The open kitchen is becoming more popular, where the kitchen is directly connected to the living room.

A place for gathering, sociability and drinks. That’s why you see more and more houses with a kitchen island, where chairs or bar stools can be slid in and with a large worktop, so you can cook or sit with several people at the same time.

Material exchange

To make the kitchen even more homely and blend into the living room, materials are used in the living room that were normally only found in the kitchen and vice versa. This trend is sure to continue in 2021, so if you already own such a showpiece as a wood kitchen island, you’ll be fine for the time being.


Marble in the home is something that has also been seen more and more recently and will remain a trend in 2021. Using this luxurious stone gives your kitchen a chic look. Whether it’s a kitchen worktop or back wall, just a little bit of marble gives already a luxurious look.

So do kitchen accessories made of marble. Perfect if you do not want too much (which we understand). We also like to see materials inspired by it like ceramic or composite!

Black kitchen

Where black kitchens might have been seen as ‘edgy’ or ‘fierce’ in the past, a black kitchen now stands for urban chic or stylish. Especially if you enrich it with gold components. Yet a completely black look is not wrong either and will certainly be seen (even) more in 2021. Black is good, black is safe: it goes with everything and therefore fits into any interior style.


We want our kitchen appliances to be smarter and more sustainable. You can see this and are going to see it again this year. The more energy efficient, the better. By “smart” appliances we mean, for example, appliances that you can control remotely, using an app. Or smart ovens, dishwashers and self-thinking refrigerators. Child can do the laundry!

Rural chic

One of the trends that we think is really here to stay is rural chic. Just try to pronounce that a few times in a row.

This kitchen style is a mix of rural and industrial. This means: no round subtle forms, but rather big gestures with clean, architectural lines. A tough look-and-feel, yet also chic and handmade. The focus on just a few eye-catchers, which are often made of exterior materials such as wood, stone and, yes: marble.