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These 5 Tips Will Make Your Renovation Cheaper

These 5 Tips Will Make Your Renovation Cheaper

Want to limit the financial damage of putting your house back together? Here’s what to look out for.

1. Do the demolition yourself

If you have to pay a demolition company for all your demolition work, it adds up. Instead, round up some friends or family with whom you can spend a lovely afternoon demolishing. Because let’s face it, going all the way with a sledgehammer can be quite enjoyable, can’t it?

2. See if you can get a subsidy

Are you taking energy-saving measures during your renovation? Then see if you can get a subsidy from your government. This can save you a lot of money.

3. Compare quotations

Don’t just accept the first offer you get. Compare quotations carefully and pay particular attention to what is included. Sometimes someone can seem very cheap, while all sorts of extra costs are added later.

4. Check how someone works

Look carefully at how you are going to pay out companies. Have you found a very good painter who finishes everything to perfection? Very nice of course, but this can mean that you will be very expensive if you pay him an hourly rate. In this case it is better to agree on a fixed price. Try asking around in your area for experiences with different companies.

5. Go for second hand

Not much budget for the renovation? Then it can make a lot of difference to buy some things second hand. Do a tour on Facebook, Marketplace and in your neighborhood. Check if the quality is sufficient, you don’t want junk in your house. But second hand does not mean that something has to be of bad quality or full of traces of use. For example, if people have a lot of spare tiles, you can get them for cheap while they are still brand new.


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