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These 5 Spots You Most Often Forget About While Cleaning

These 5 Spots You Most Often Forget About While Cleaning

A rag over your kitchen sink and a quick check of your toilet. For many of us it’s routine and that’s why you’re more likely to forget the following spots during your weekly round of cleaning around the house.

1. The toothbrush holder

Whether you brush by hand or electrically, most households have a cup, holder or tray in which everything from toothbrushes to toothpaste, interdental brushes and toothpicks collects. And it is just that tray or holder that is often forgotten. On the bottom and around the edges bacteria and dirt build up without you knowing it, because you do not see it. Cups and holders should be rinsed in the dishwasher every week.

2. The rubbers of your fridge

Your freezer compartment has been cleared of ice lumps and your egg rack shines like never before, but what about the rubbers in your fridge door(s)? Those rubbers catch quite a few crumbs, drops and other residue over time and are the most often skipped when cleaning the fridge. You can easily remove the largest crumbs with a vacuum cleaner hose. For the rest you use a sponge with lukewarm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid. But beware: everything must be made very dry again, with a tea towel for example.

3. The coffee maker

For everyone who still drinks an ‘old-fashioned’ cup of coffee, the following tip is a godsend to ensure that this device will last for years to come: pour a cup of vinegar in the water tank and let your coffee machine do the rest. After a round of bubbling, your coffee machine will shine like new and the accumulated dirt will have disappeared.

4. The bins

Cleaning your bin to keep it pest free and to avoid dirty edges and leftovers is fairly simple. Place a layer of fresh straw at the bottom of your GFT container. Straw is allowed in with the green waste and this organic bed at the bottom of the container absorbs moisture and dirt from your waste.

5. The microwave

Something that many people also skip when cleaning is the microwave. Does your microwave also look like a collection of modern art on the inside? Then it can’t hurt to include it a little more often in your cleaning routine. Before you tackle the dirt in your microwave, you can run a bowl of water with 2 half lemons on 600 Watts for a few minutes. Afterwards, you can wipe everything off effortlessly and your microwave will smell so fresh that you can feel free to invite the entire neighborhood for a tour of your kitchen.