Home Gadgets Working at Home Becomes a Party With This Magic Machine

Working at Home Becomes a Party With This Magic Machine

Working at Home Becomes a Party With This Magic Machine

Take this ultimate self-care moment to make your homework day something extraordinary.

Now that working from home has become the standard for most of us, it’s the little things that can brighten up our day. And what could be better than a silky latte, a creamy cappuccino or simply the perfect black coffee for some extra fuel and a moment of enjoyment on a busy day at home? Good news: because with this investment, a cup of coffee not only becomes easier, but also much more fun.

Siemens EQ Espresso

Turn working from home into a party

It takes some creativity every now and then to keep working from home fun. Where going to the office might not have been the number one on our wish list in the past, now we collectively miss a nice chat with our colleagues, the structure of an ordinary office day and that nice coffee break during office hours. Research has shown that taking breaks and getting enough rest while working is difficult. And let’s not forget that this is important to be able to concentrate on your work and for your mental health. In order to maintain your focus, self-care is currently number one.

And what better way to escape from the rut of a home working day than a wholesome coffee break, just at home? But of course you do need an espresso machine that provides you with all the conveniences. Say hello to the Siemens EQ. series of fully automatic espresso machines, with which you can make your favorite coffee specialty at the push of a button.

escape from the rut of a home working day with a wholesome coffee break, just at home

Ultimate self-care

Now that our working days are slowly beginning to resemble each other, the EQ. espresso full machines from Siemens are the answer for those looking for extraordinary. A cup of coffee can be tailored to your needs with the precise aroma technology of the Siemens EQ. series – and let that be just what you need to have the ultimate self-care coffee moment on a busy day. The espresso full machines use real beans, giving you that real barista feeling. Besides the fact that the design of the Siemens EQ. series gives your kitchen an upgrade, they are designed for maximum comfort so that coffee making becomes the most enjoyable moment of the day.

Siemens EQ Coffee Machines

Making coffee with your smartphone

If you thought that making coffee couldn’t be more fun, then Siemens has another surprise in store for you. Namely the Home Connect feature of the espresso full machines. With the Home Connect app you can make a delicious cup of coffee in no time, just the way you want it – from your smartphone or tablet. For those moments of the day when only the smell of freshly ground coffee beans can get you behind your laptop. Or when you want to take a morning walk before work with your favorite coffee specialty. Siemens combines design, quality and innovation – and all that results in a cup of coffee that can even turn working from home into a party.


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