Home Gadgets Samsung Unveils TVs With ‘Much Better Picture’ Thanks to MiniLED

Samsung Unveils TVs With ‘Much Better Picture’ Thanks to MiniLED

Samsung Unveils TVs With ‘Much Better Picture’ Thanks to MiniLED
Samsung Neo QLED

Samsung has unveiled its new TV line for 2021. Many of the new TV models use Neo QLED, Samsung’s brand name for the screen technology MiniLED.

Samsung does not make OLED TVs, often hailed as the TVs with the most beautiful colors and highest contrast. The company is now fully committed to two alternatives: the more expensive but promising micro-LED, but for normal consumers mainly MiniLED.

MiniLED is simply a much more advanced version of the backlight that we know from LCD and LED screens. Formerly one big plane, MiniLED allows the backlight to be turned on and off very precisely in all kinds of hundreds to thousands of image zones, and brighter or less bright. This benefits the contrast and HDR of the TVs.

Samsung does not reveal how many miniled lights its new TVs have, and how many dimming zones. However, the company does say that its MiniLED are up to 40 times smaller than the backlight bulbs in traditional TVs.

New 8K and 4K

Samsung has unveiled two new 8K models with Neo QLED. The QN900A is the successor to the virtually borderless 8K TV that Samsung introduced last year. Also announced is the QN800A, also an 8K TV but one class lower. Both TVs appear in 65, 75 and 85 inch. Prices of both TVs will be announced later this year. MiniLED is also in three 4K TVs coming to market this year: the QN95A, QN90A and QN85A. Those TVs will appear in 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch.

Neo-QLED has a nearly invisible bezel
Samsung’s 8K QLED TV has a nearly invisible bezel

Samsung’s design-TV The Frame has also been revamped. This painting-TV has become thinner: 24.9 millimeters thick and thus, according to Samsung, as thick as a regular painting. The choice of frames for the TV are larger than ever, according to the company.

TVs with micro-LED still extremely expensive

Samsung also has a microled screen, which like OLED works without a backlight. Samsung recently announced a 110-inch version of its microled TV, and now also has 99- and 88-inch versions. The 110-inch model costs over $150,000 dollar, and those prices are expected to remain high in the coming years.

Samsung also announced that its remote controls would be supplied without replaceable batteries, but with a small solar panel. This is said to be more environmentally friendly, just like the simplified cardboard packaging of the TVs. This is now unprinted, so that it can be reused by consumers.

Most of the new Samsung TVs will come to market during 2021, prices and availability to follow.