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Release of Bond Film No Time To Die Delayed Again

Release of Bond Film No Time To Die Delayed Again
Daniel Craig in No Time To Die. Credit: Nicola Dove - DANJAQ, LLC and MGM

Everything we know about the new James Bond film No Time To Die, we’ve conveniently listed for you. From the cast, the trailers, the plot, the release date, the Bond cars and the composer. And as soon as there is news, you will be the first to hear from us.

No Time to Die release date delayed again

Those who were already on the proverbial edge of their seats for the new Bond film will be deceived, as if by a double agent. The most stylish man on the silver screen is, if we may call it that, fashionably late. The original release was scheduled for April 2, 2020. MGM and Universal Studios postponed the release date several times, and then everyone was convinced that the film would finally be seen in November. Unfortunately it was not to be, because the Covid crisis pushed back the release date to the spring of this year.

We were all looking forward to that, but rumor has it it has been officially confirmed that No Time To Die will not be released in April 2 but will now arrive on October 8, 2021. This was reason enough for Deadline to speak to sources in the film industry. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it looks like the rumor is correct: James Bond’s No Time To Die has been delayed once again to the fall.

No Time To Die offered to Netflix

Things aren’t really moving along smoothly with that release date for the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise. After being rescheduled several times, the pandemic has left us guessing as to when the film will actually hit the screen. MGM and Universal Studios lost between thirty and fifty million dollars because of the postponement and therefore went looking for a solution. One of those solutions is to offer No Time To Die to streaming services such as Netflix, among others. According to entertainment site Variety, no streaming service has yet taken up the offer. The film, in fact, requires a whopping $600 million payment.

Trailer 2 of No Time To Die

Two and a half minutes full of action. The second trailer of No Time To Die is exactly what you would expect from a Bond film. In the latest trailer you can see how Bond is crushed by a car and a motorcycle, but manages to flee just in time. The explosives fly around your ears. The actor also gets involved as usual in several fights and shootings. Rami Malek plays the antagonist’s role as the supervillain, but also Lashana Lynch is introduced as a new 00 agent and Ana de Armas makes her Bond debut as CIA agent Paloma. Curious? Watch the new James Bond trailer here:

Meet Safin

We have known for quite some time that Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) will be the villain Safin in Bond. After this news remained quiet for a long time, but we finally know what to expect from his role. He should become worse than bad.

Film producer Barbara Broccoli tells Empire Magazine about the villain: “He’s really the supervillain. He’s the one that really gets under Bond’s skin. He’s a nasty piece of work.” Fortunately, James Bond has plenty of allies on his side.

James Bond possibly father in No Time To Die

James Bond may be getting his toughest mission yet: he’s going to be a father. If the rumors are correct, a very special bondgirl will appear in No Time To Die, namely his five-year-old daughter. An insider of the film explains to Mail on Sunday that daughter Mathilde comes from a relationship with Dr. Madeleine Swann, played by French actress Lea Seydoux. Incidentally, a leaked script sold on Ebay previously mentioned this daughter.

Léa Seydoux – UNIVERSAL

James Bond is reunited with a number of important characters previously seen in James Bond films. In the first trailer, we saw him with Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) after they left together at the end of Spectre. In these photos, we see Bond reunited with another key player in the history of the film franchise: Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright).

This is what Billie Eilish’s song sounds like in No Time To Die

It was previously announced that the very young American singer Billie Eilish would provide the theme song. The 18-year-old and youngest Bond artist of all time succeeds Sam Smith (Writings On The Wall) and Adele (Skyfall).

The song No Time To Die is a ballad, which is much more subdued than previous 007 songs. Listen to the full theme song here:

The world-renowned composer of No Time To Die

Hans Zimmer. Credit: ColliderVideo, CC BY 3.0

One of Hollywood’s most famous composers is composing the music in the new Bond film. This is German film composer Hans Zimmer, who has previously provided the music for such world-famous films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Dunkirk and The Lion King. He even received an Oscar for The Lion King in 1995.

Actually, his colleague Dan Romer was supposed to provide the music in the 25th Bond film, but now Zimmer is taking over. The music magazine Billboard reports this. The reason is not known. Wondering which other famous names we will see in the Bond film? Scroll further down.

The official trailer of No Time To Die

We see Daniel Craig jumping from a bridge on a rope, shooting at bad guys and racing the fastest cars and motorcycles. We also see Lashana Lynch for the first time as 007. She turns out to be a feisty woman who is not impressed by James Bond. Furthermore, the danger seems to be hiding behind a mask this time, although we catch a quick glimpse of Rami Malik as the new enemy.

Daniel Craig on his last film as James Bond

For actor Daniel Craig, No Time To Die is his last James Bond film and, of course, it comes with a heartwarming farewell. The tough-as-nails secret agent appears to be emotional as he thanks his cast and crew for the wonderful time he had making Bond 25’s No Time To Die.

Does the actor give such a heartfelt speech after every film? Well, he did admit feeling a bit tipsy:

“I just want to say – and I am really quite drunk now so I won’t go on for long – this has been one of the best, most wonderful experiences I have ever had,” Craig addresses the cast and crew, while standing next to a giant James Bond cake.

You have all done the most amazing job. I could not be more proud to work with every single one of you on this production. I would like to thank you for this evening, for Barbara [Broccoli, producer], for putting it on. Thank goodness, we did this tonight, because I love you.”

Aw, Daniel. Stop it. Warm words to conclude 13 years as the world’s most famous secret agent. Who will take on the role of 007 after Bond 25 is not yet known, but the rumor mill is in full swing and you can read more about that below.

Title of the new James Bond film: No Time To Die

Of course, the name of a new Bond film is always exciting. They can be short, but powerful, like the more recent Skyfall and Spectre or the first film Dr. No from 1962. Examples of longer titles: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) and The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

Short and powerful names we are mostly used to from the days of Daniel Craig as James Bond. For some time, Bond 25 was therefore known by the name Shatterhand, but that turned out to be only a working title. Meanwhile, the name is known: No Time To Die.

Bond 25: 007 becomes a woman

With Bond 25 Daniel Craig says goodbye to his role as 007 and passes the baton. For a long time there have been numerous rumors about who would succeed him, including Idris Elba, Richard Madden and Robert Pattinson. Yet it will not be them, because secret agent 007 will be a woman.

Yes, you read it correctly. The seventh 007 will be a lady. The role will be played by actress Lashana Lynch, known for Captain Marvel. Screen Rant was the first to suggest that the British actress will be the new star of the franchise in No Time To Die. Lynch will play the role of Nomi and will take over the role of James Bond at the beginning of the film.

Daniel Craig himself is also working on a change for James Bond. He says he wants to help the secret agent get rid of the image of a womanizer: “I’ve been trying to do that gently for the past four movies and I’ll continue to do that.”

The Director of No Time To Die

No Time To Die had equally uncertain times. Director Danny Boyle was going to direct the film, but dropped out. Differences of opinion with the producers meant that the director did not want to continue working on the new James Bond film.

Of course, every fan hoped that there would be a new director soon, to prevent a delay. And there he was: Cary Fukunaga. An American director, who directed, among other things, the acclaimed first season of True Detective.

The good news was revealed via the official 007 account on Twitter by producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The Bond girl from No Time To Die is…. Léa Seydoux

To Daily Mail, Fukunaga told us that we will be seeing some of the cast of Spectre again. Including French actress Léa Seydoux (Inglourious Basterds). The reason the director chooses a cast that has previously appeared in a Bond film? “You have some of the best actors in the world here. Why wouldn’t I have the best coming back?”, says Fukunaga. We can only agree with him. Never change a winning team, right?

Seydoux and Danilel Craig form a couple in Bond 25 – UNIVERSAL

The cars in No Time To Die

With every new Bond film, there is plenty to speculate about. What will the movie be called? Which Bond girl will we see? Who will be the new James Bond? Where will filming take place? Who is the big villain?

But of course also: which cars are we going to see? It was ann0 2019 once to be expected: the rumors are that the secret agent in Bond 25 drives an electric car. Different from before, where we often saw him passing by in a roaring sports car.

Of course, it’s still THE James Bond, so they’re not putting him in the first electric car with a radius of one and a half escapes. The secret agent will be seen in an electric Aston Martin. For Aston Martin, of course, this is a great opportunity to show off their new bolide to the world in the latest James Bond movie.

Aston Martin Rapide E

The British carmaker had been planning the electric car for some time: the Rapide E. Not just any car, but a limited edition of which only 155 copies will be made. And one of them is therefore for Bond, James Bond.

Now we just have to hope that there are enough charging points on a mountain, near a castle or on the side of a precipice.

The locations of the No Time To Die

We are not used to anything else from 007: he is always in impressive locations. High in the mountains, deep in valleys or in royal castles. So where will the new James Bond film be shot

The official launch of No Time To Die took place in Jamaica in April 2019. That’s also where the first images came from and if the stories in the corridors are true, the film will start in this heavenly place.

But of course, James Bond does not stay in one place. The crew has already been spotted in Matera, Italy, and later 007 himself, director Cary Fukunaga and Bond girl Léa Seydoux also arrived here.