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How to Apply Makeup on Dry Skin

How to Apply Makeup on Dry Skin

Dry, flaky skin can be your biggest enemy when applying makeup. In the cold winter months this problem can only get worse. Luckily you can save your skin with some simple steps. With these 5 tips your makeup is guaranteed to be right.

1. Moisturize from the inside out

Drinking too little water can have negative effects on the health of your skin. And drinking too much coffee can also be the cause of your dry skin. So drink enough water and leave that cup of coffee a little more often.

2. Clean carefully

Make sure you use a gentle cleaner without aggressive agents. Oil-based cleansers are perfect for dry skin.

3. Nourish your skin

It is important that you use a good moisturizer every morning and evening to nourish your skin. This will make your skin flake less quickly and makes it easier to blend that foundation flawlessly.

4. Correct foundation

Finding the right foundation for your skin type can be a long search, but for the end result it’s worth it. Go for a foundation that hydrates your skin. Also avoid powders that can dry out the foundation. Foundations and powders with ‘mattifying’ or ‘matte’ should be skipped. Choose products that promise a beautiful glow.

Go for a foundation that hydrates your skin

5. Lip care

Dry skin can also wreak havoc on your lips, especially at this time of year. Not only can this be very painful, a lipstick can also immediately look a lot less beautiful. That’s why you should look for a lip balm that’s full of moisturizing ingredients and apply it regularly.


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