Home Gadgets A Himalayan Salt Lamp – Really Cool – But What’s It Good For?

A Himalayan Salt Lamp – Really Cool – But What’s It Good For?

A Himalayan Salt Lamp – Really Cool – But What’s It Good For?

From the spiritual store to the organic supermarket, you can buy a Himalayan salt lamp everywhere these days. What makes these pink items so popular? We list a number of pros and cons.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

First things first: what exactly is it? A Himalayan salt lamp is exactly what you think it is: a chunk of salt from the Himalaya Mountains with a hole in the middle, so it can also be used as a lamp. There are also variants where you don’t place a bulb, but a candle in the middle.

Because of the color of the salt, the lamp spreads a nice warm, pink light. Not a super bright room lamp, but a good night light or cozy atmosphere maker in the dark days before Christmas.


A Himalayan salt lamp in your home would bring several health benefits. Scientific research in this field is still scarce, so hard evidence has yet to been found. Nevertheless, more and more people swear by the effects of a salt lamp. First of all, the warm, soft light of the lamp would reduce stress and make it easier to fall asleep. Your breathing also benefits: breathing in salt particles helps to break down mucus.

In addition, salt lamps would emit negative ions. Ions are electrically charged molecules that are everywhere and continuously around us. Electronic devices and smartphones emit positive ions which, despite their name, can have a negative impact on your stress level and fatigue symptoms. The ions of a salt lamp would counteract these effects and bring those levels more into balance.

Also, the lump of salt would attract polluting particles from the air, which could improve the air quality in your home. Whether one salt lamp is strong enough for all this healing work is another question. Perhaps it would be better for your allergies and health to sit in a therapeutic salt room on a regular basis.


The lamp does its purifying work best at a slightly higher humidity in the room. A Himalayan salt lamp can therefore start to ‘sweat’ and release moisture. So don’t just put your new acquisition on your favorite antique table. Arrange a good pad or choose a place where the salty moisture can’t do so much damage.

Also think twice if you have pets: a salt lamp can be dangerous for cats and dogs. For example, in 2019 a New Zealand cat contracted salt poisoning after repeatedly licking the lamp. Its brain swelled up, causing multiple bodily functions to fail. So be careful with your four-legged friends.

Tips and tricks

Would you like to give it a try? Then first try to find out if the lamp is really made of Himalayan salt, there are plenty of fakes in circulation. Found a good one? Then put it in the right place: a bigger room also needs a bigger lamp, so it has enough power to filter the air.

The smartest thing to do is to place the salt lamp in a room where you spend a lot of time or where there are a lot of electronic devices for maximum effect.