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Haircut at Home: Should You DIY or Not?

Haircut at Home: Should You DIY or Not?

These are hard times. Because of Covid-19, many hairdressing salons and barbershops are closed. But of course your hair keeps growing! What to do?

Doing your haircut at home is possible, but be careful. From highlights that suddenly turn orange to split ends, we have all been there – doing a haircut at home is not a piece of cake. That’s why we share some golden tips to prevent a mess.

Does a perfect haircut in times of Covid-19 has top priority? No, but it is a shame to be reckless with hair dye and scissors. A haircut at home is possible, but take heed of some (strict, but fair) advice.

Should I color my hair at home?

We can immediately be clear about this: do not dye your hair at home. Fixing your roots is a very delicate thing. It isn’t easy to just color the roots, you will dye the rest of your hair as well (at least some of it). Maybe you don’t see it yet, but before you know it, you will create ‘layers’ in your hairstyle. If you want to go back from brown to blond later on you’re in trouble, because those homemade stripes grow to the surface. It then becomes very difficult for a hairdresser to color a hairstyle properly.

But I have to…

If lockdowns are going to take longer than expected, some people might have to color their hair. In that case we recommend bringing some texture into your hair, by means of curls for example. One doesn’t look directly at someone’s scalp and texture shifts the focus of attention. A color spray or mouse is also optional: these are not permanent colors, so you can do it yourself. Even if you put on a nice cap or hat, it’s probably the best option.

What about a haircut?

And then, the key question: what about a haircut? If you visit a good hair salon, they generally use Japanese scissors that don’t split the hair ends. Most people at home, however, have blunt scissors. With blunt scissors you will certainly get the hair shorter or in shape, but split ends are guaranteed. With short or curly hair this happens less quickly, and trimming a pony is also fine. Then preferably buy scissors for your eyebrows or nails, which are just a little sharper.

Are you blessed with long hair? Then simply let it grow. Long hair just stays long, that’s not a big difference. For men, who often visit a barbershop every six weeks, that doesn’t apply. Still, we would advise them to let it grow, and use a little more hair wax to keep it in shape. Try to trim the whiskers instead.

Hair masks

Better than a haircut or applying a hair dye at home: invest in good hair masks. Now you have the time to leave the product on all night, or in the afternoon with a towel. Sure people have to work, but in general you also have time to do some more grooming. We love the masks of Authentic Beauty Concept: a high end vegan brand with very rich products. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it’s even more important to contribute to quality purchases that preserve our planet.