Home Life Hacks This Way You Can Quickly Get The Gourmet Scent Out of Your Clothes

This Way You Can Quickly Get The Gourmet Scent Out of Your Clothes

This Way You Can Quickly Get The Gourmet Scent Out of Your Clothes

Delicious, cozy with the family or friends gourmets. Nothing beats baking dinner on the plate. Thanks to handy tips you can get the smell out of the house quickly, but how do you get the gourmet smell out of your clothes easily?

Often people gourmet when they have something to celebrate. And that’s why you show up in your best outfit. But before you know it, your new clothes smell like that famous gourmet scent. But don’t worry! As soon as the smell gets into your clothes, you’ll get it out again.

Gourmet scent from your clothes

With products that you probably already have in your home, you can easily remove the gourmet scent from your clothes. What you need for this, you can read below.

1. Baking soda

You probably already know that baking soda is indispensable in the household. The white powder offers the ideal solution in countless situations. Even if your clothing smells like a raclette set. Drizzle a little over the clothes and leave for a few hours before rinsing. Or put your clothes in a bag, add baking soda and leave to sit for ten minutes after shaking. Rinse and your clothes will smell fresh again.

2. Cat litter

Strange but true: cat litter might be the ideal solution for you if you have a cat in the house. Somewhere very logical, because the filling is naturally absorbent. Make your own ‘scent bag’ with the cat litter and hang it in the closet with the rest of your clothes. After a few hours the smell of fatty food makes way for the original smell.

3. Tumble dry wipes

If your clothes are still clean, it’s a shame to throw them in the washing machine right away. Put it in the dryer for ten minutes and immediately add some tumble-dryer wipes. The dryer will do the work for you, causing the gourmet smell to come out of your clothes.

4. Steamer

Do you have a steamer in the house? In this case that comes in handy. The pungent smell of the gourmet disappears from your clothes when you steam it. If you don’t have a steamer, it’s always an idea to hang the outfit in the bathroom while showering.