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Buy the Best Sportswear For an Outdoor Workout

Buy the Best Sportswear For an Outdoor Workout

We love sports. To get rid of that beer belly or just to be fitter. The gyms may still be closed, but that doesn’t stop you from maintaining your weekly dose of exercise. We are going to help you; by equipping you with the finest sportswear for HIIT training or a run in the park.

With the right sportswear you will enjoy your run or workout even more. Why do you want to do it? Sportswear is made of materials (often a mix of polyester and elastane) that regulate heat and perspiration in such a way that you can keep running comfortably. Rain or cold is no longer an excuse to skip a workout.

Fortunately, temperatures are rising and moving around in the fresh air becomes a lot more pleasant. That’s why you’ll come a long way with a good sports shirt and shorts. What exactly do you buy then? We give you a number of options.


Sportswear needs to breathe. You don’t want to be sporting in a soaking wet shirt within fifteen minutes. Materials like polyester don’t get warm and are moisture-regulating. The same goes for cotton, but it does get wet. In any case, we do not recommend grey T-shirts. With that color you will see sweat spots the quickest and because of the cotton fabric this remains visible.

If you are running, we recommend a polyester T-shirt. If you go early in the morning when it can still be a bit chilly, you opt for a long sleeve variant. If you’re more busy with weights and equipment (or for us a thick branch for your pull-ups), choose a sleeveless shirt for more freedom of movement in your arms. A fitted one, because the slouchy basketball look is only for a select group of people.

Sports pants

In terms of material the same applies as for the sports shirts. You can choose from shorts, jogging pants and tights. And we don’t mean yoga pants, but compression pants that give your legs extra support when running or a leg-workout. You often wear them under shorts, but you can easily wear them loose on a sports shirt or sleeveless shirt. If you have slimmer legs, wear shorts over them. This way you prevent the tight pants from accentuating your slim legs unnecessarily.


After your workout you might want to add an extra layer. Not to get warm, but because you want to keep the heat with you for a little afterburn. Burn some extra calories with it. And of course it’s comfortable. In this case you take a soft fabric, cotton is a good option. With a sweater or hoodie you’ll always be comfortable.


Whether you’re covering miles or miles away, good shoes are a must while exercising. It is important that you buy the right pair for the type of training you are doing. It’s better to do a strength training on proper training shoes. The sole is flatter, giving you a more stable posture and better contact with the ground. Running shoes are meant to move forward and therefore have a raised sole at the heel. Also for cardio workouts it is better to choose a running variant. When running, lunging and jumping, the shoe dampens your contact with the ground and relieves your joints.