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Best Places to Sell Your Clothes Online

Best Places to Sell Your Clothes Online

Sell clothes? It can be done super easy these days! There are plenty of online opportunities to give your old or unworn clothes a second life. And, you’ll make money too. You happy, someone else happy. We have listed the best platforms where you can sell your clothes.

By selling your clothes you can make a lot of other people happy!

Designer Vintage

Designer Vintage is the luxury platform for the most beautiful designer items. You can buy them there, but also sell them! Selling at Designer Vintage is very easy and safe and that’s ideal if you still have a lot of beautiful items in your closet that you actually never wear. Then you better make someone else happy with it, right?

United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe is one of the better known platforms to sell your clothes, shoes and accessories on. It’s super easy: you sign up, upload photos of your product and provide them with the necessary information. And voilà: you put it online! You can also easily search for beautiful second hand items yourself.

Facebook Marketplace

Through Facebook Marketplace you can also sell second hand clothing. If you’re a lot on Facebook, selling on Facebook Marketplace makes a lot of sense. You select a category and then add the photos of your items. You can add your own text to the article. What is more there are no seller fees or taxes involved!


Do you have hidden designer treasures in your closet that you no longer wear or use? Then Rebelle is the place where you can sell these items. It’s simple: either you sell your bag yourself through the platform or you let Rebelle sell it. See how it works exactly in the video below.


You can also use Vinted to sell your clothes easily and quickly. Create an account, upload the photos and add a description. When your ad is online, people can respond, send you messages for more information and maybe make a sale.

By selling your clothes again you make sure that your items get a second life and that no new clothes need to be produced. In the long run this is better for the environment. Go sustainable! That’s why vintage shopping is so much fun.


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