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Avoid These Five Mistakes When Decorating Your Bedroom

Avoid These Five Mistakes When Decorating Your Bedroom

There’s nothing better than plopping down in your own bed at the end of the day and completely unwinding. But can you do that in your bedroom? We often make big mistakes in the design of our bedroom so that peace and quiet are hard to find. What mistakes can you make (and therefore prevent)?

1. Ignoring your bedroom

Although we put a lot of time and attention into our interior, we often forget the bedroom. Your guests won’t see it anyway. Mistake. To be able to relax completely in your bedroom, you need to make it a really nice place. So spend some extra time decorating this sacred space.

2. Clothes lying around

At the end of the evening, you drag yourself to the bedroom and throw your clothes on a chair or in a heap on the floor. Recognizable? Of course, this is not going to help make your bedroom a nice, relaxing environment. So make sure you hang your clothes neatly on, say, a dressboy or throw them in the laundry basket before you get into bed.

3. Boring bedding

Of course, you want to go for practicality in the bedroom above all, because you want to feel comfortable. This does not mean that you can get away with boring bedding. Score nice prints, a fine comforter and pillows and choose a nice bedspread. This way you keep it practical, but with some extra flair.

4. Too much furniture

Overfilling your bedroom with large pieces of furniture can be very overwhelming. This disturbs the tranquility that you would like in this space. So keep it quiet in terms of furniture, decoration and colors. Do not opt for massive pieces of furniture, but for airy items. More peace in your bedroom? Then also check out these tips.

5. Incorrect sizes

Make sure your bedroom is arranged in proportion. By this we mean that your closets are not too big in relation to your bedside tables or bed. This will throw the room off balance and let some furniture take over your room. Keep your bed as the leading object and only then pick out your bedside tables, lamps and further furniture pieces.