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8 Smart Styling Tips for Women Who Are Short

8 Smart Styling Tips for Women Who Are Short

What do Shakira, Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue have in common? Except that they are all beautiful women, all three are about 5ft (1.55 meters) tall. You wouldn’t immediately think that when you see them on stage, would you? With these handy clothing tips for short women, they (and soon you too) dress longer.

Those smart styling tricks you easily look at the smaller, well known women. Fancycurb puts eight of them in a row for you.

Clothing tips for short women

You don’t always have to wear a heel of an inch or eight to create length. With the following clothing tips for small women, you’ll look optically taller.

1. Emphasis on your waist

That slim waistline of yours can be seen. By accentuating your body in the right places, you look taller.

2. Top of your pants

Another handy styling trick: put your top, sweater or blouse in your pants. Especially in combination with pants that fit high, you can easily add a few centimeters in length.

3. Pants that close high at the waist

Low pants are often not comfortable and cut uncomfortably into your hips. A good reason to choose a pair of pants that closes a bit higher in the waist. Additional advantage? Your legs will look five centimeters longer.

4. Subtle flared pants

Be careful with pants that are very wide. Women with a small frame disappear a little in here. Rather go for pants that fit high and subtly extend at the bottom. This immediately creates that beautiful hourglass effect.

5. Ton sur ton

Don’t feel like thinking about what colors you can and can’t combine? Then go for the chic look and wear your outfit in one color. Think for example of a complete black, cream or brown outfit. Where contrasting colors don’t do much for your height, ton sur ton is ideal to look taller.

6. Skirt on the knee (or just above it)

Those legs of yours look best in a skirt that falls on your knee, or just above it. Long skirts quickly make you look smaller than you are.

7. Long dresses with split

If you love long dresses you don’t have to worry about disappearing into the amount of fabric. With a split on the side you break through that.

8. Size 28 or 30 (S/M)

Forget the standard trouser sizes. Rather go for a brand that makes jeans in size 28 or 30. Some brands even sell size 26 (XS). And if you dare: a pair of pants that falls nicely on the ankle makes you look longer again.


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