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6 Tips To Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

6 Tips To Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

The winter. The season we spend a lot of time indoors. Nice and cozy by the fireplace, with a warm plaid on the couch and a cup of chocolate milk in your hand. Heartwarming winter scenes that you can easily move outside with a few simple accessories. Learn how to turn your forgotten winter garden into a place to enjoy all year round.

365 days outdoors

The garden beckons on sunny spring and summer days. We don’t know how fast we can get that dose of vitamin D. Outdoors, that’s what we do. Until the bleak months arrive and we retreat into our heated habitat. Good news, because with the tips below you can enjoy the outdoors in any season. And that without having green fingers.

1. Crackling campfire

The warmth and conviviality bursts from a campfire. Why not introduce a fire bowl in the garden? A mood creator for windy winter days or cool summer evenings.

2. Outdoor cooking

If you don’t just want to keep it around a campfire with marshmallows and you love to cook outside, then a cool outdoor kitchen is worth considering. Exactly, cooking outdoors. Think of a campfire set, barbecue or real Grizzly Grills Kamado. From winter bbq including jingle bells playlist to spring dinner full of fresh dishes.

With the right planting your garden can look green 365 days a year

3. Light points

Through with the lighting. If you want to invite yourself to live outdoors all year round, then garden lighting is essential. Think about a lighting plan. Which items do you want to illuminate? What can become the eye-catchers of the garden?

4. Flower power

If you want to be happy with your garden all year round, think of increasing plant diversity. With the right planting it can look green 365 days a year. Autumn flowering plants include ornamental grass, autumn aster, coneflower and the periwinkle. And in winter? Christmas rose, winter violets, Japanese flowering cherry and winter jasmine, among others, provide color in your winter garden.

5. Second home

If you have room for it, a garden house is something to think about. Something you can use in all seasons. Make it a cozy place where you can retreat. Or where you can have a drink with family or friends, even with temperatures around freezing thanks to heaters and patio heaters. Fleece plaids, hot snacks and a good conversation, how does that sound?

6. Natural outdoor life

The ultimate feeling of being outdoors is the fluttering of birds and their singing. Hang bird food scattered throughout the garden and in no time they know where to find your garden.


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