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6 Reasons Why Soft Drinks Are a Bad Idea

6 Reasons Why Soft Drinks Are a Bad Idea

You know soft drinks are unhealthy, so are we. However, this message does not have the desired effect on everyone (drink less soda!). We hereby emphasize: a can of soda contains on average 1 oz (30 grams) more than your recommended daily amount of sugar. In some cases it’s even 1.7 oz (50 grams) extra. To be clear: this corresponds to just over eleven sugar cubes. Does it scare you? Good, but read on to be sure.

Soft drinks cause rotten teeth

Nobody looks forward to his or her next dental visit, not even with a lollipop as a reward. While everyone knows that soda is bad news for your beaming smile, the University of Birmingham discovered that it can do a lot more harm than we always thought. Soft drinks bite up to ten times more than fruit juices because of their high citric acid content. So be wise and don’t become a loyal customer of your dentist.

Soft drinks make you look older

No matter what creams and lotions you use, the effects of two or more cans of soda a day will be noticeable. Soft drinks damage your telomeres, the pieces of DNA that protect your genes from damage. This way you can look up to 4.6 times older. Ban soda right away and assure yourself of a young and fresh appearance.

Soft drinks damage your DNA

Soft drinks damage your liver

While alcohol is generally thought to be enemy number one in your liver, according to The Journal of Hepatology, sodas do just as much damage. The fructose in Fanta leaves directly in the direction of your liver, putting you five times more at risk of fatty liver – which can eventually lead to cirrhosis. A beer after work or a cola with your cheatmeal is of course okay, a can of soda as a regular morning ritual is not.

Soda is disastrous for your sixpack

Are you crunching yourself insane, without achieving the desired results? The underlying reason could be your soda consumption. Carbon dioxide makes your stomach swell, according to research by the Royal Free Hospital in London. Worse still: in the long run this can lead to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Put a slice of lemon in your water: just as tasty, better for your abs.

Soft drinks do not fit in a healthy diet

According to the University of Bangor, people who regularly drink two or more cans of soda a day crave even more sugar. Soft drinks dull your taste buds, making it harder to satisfy the sweet tooth in you. Time to ban that two-liter bottle from your fridge.

Soft drink can be lethal

Does soda serve as a pick-me-up for you? Then realize that coffee has the same effect, but healthier. Research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that your risk of prostate cancer increases by 40 percent if you clock back a 12 oz soda can every day. Not a reassuring prospect, it seems to us.