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5X Bizarre Expensive Xmas Decorations

5X Bizarre Expensive Xmas Decorations

You can go for a free DIY Christmas tree this Christmas. But for the ‘Scrooges’ among us who sit on a pile of money, there are enough Christmas decorations to spend your money on.

Yeah, really. From wrapping paper with crystals to ridiculously expensive Christmas baubles with rubies. We list five bizarrely pricey Christmas decorations.

1. Swarovski Wrapping Paper

If getting a gift is not luxury enough, you can have your package wrapped very special at Rebekah Chol. For example with leather and Swarovski crystals. From figurines to a completely covered package: everything is possible. But that comes with a price tag. The costs can be as high as $7,500.

swarovski wrapping paper

2. Diamond Xmas Ball

We all know that for Christmas baubles you sometimes have to go deep into your pockets, but the amount of money for this ornament is unprecedented. The baubles were designed by Mark Hussey, who works at Hallmark Jewellers, and are decorated with more than 1500 diamonds and 188 rubies. The value? About $110,000.

Daimond Christmas Ball

3. Christmas Wreath With Gems

This Christmas wreath you better not hang on the front door outside. This Christmas decoration will be stolen for sure. It is set with gems. To be specific, more than forty diamonds and rubies with a total of 138 carats. It is the most expensive Christmas wreath in the world and costs more than three and a half million dollars.

Luxury xmas wreath

4. Golden Xmas Tree

Jeweler Ginza Tanaka in Tokyo is also not averse to a little wealth and luxury. They regularly create the craziest objects of gold and also unpack at Christmas. For example, the jeweler had a Christmas tree consisting of gold coins, but also a gold Disney variant. Ginza Tanaka also made a Christmas tree of 12 kilograms of pure gold worth about $2 million.

golden xmas tree

5. Diamonds Star

Under the guise of ‘no peak this Christmas’ you can choose a star at the top of the tree. Although for this one you have to grope deep – very deep – in the pouch. For this star made of silver, studded with 280 diamonds, you pay about $800,000. You can detach the diamond in the middle and wear it as a necklace.

Christmas star decoration


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