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4 Tips to Sell Your Car in The Best Possible Way

4 Tips to Sell Your Car in The Best Possible Way

Don’t need a car anymore because you work from home, or time for a bigger or smaller model? Fancycurb give some tips on how to sell your car in the best possible way.

Do you have any idea what your car costs per month? As a lease driver you probably do, but with your own car it gets a lot more complicated. You can make a reasonable estimate of the fuel and insurance costs, but what about depreciation, maintenance and taxes? If you list all these costs they will probably be higher than you thought. The next few weeks we will therefore give tips on how to save on your car.

1. Choose the right sales channel

Trade-in, a bill in the window or an online auction. The best way to sell your car depends on the reason you are selling it. If you want to replace it with another one straight away, then trading it in at a garage or dealer is a good option. Very easy, but it does not always yield the highest amount. Moreover, there is often no longer a trade-in to negotiate about your new car.

Selling your car yourself via Craigslist or eBay or another sales site usually yields more, but is of course also more time-consuming. Not only do you have to place the advertisement, but you also have to supervise the viewings and any test drives. So it may take a while before you can actually get rid of your car, but it will probably earn you the most.

If you are in a hurry, an online auction might be a better idea. You then fill in some information about your car online and receive a bid from the auction site. If this amount suits you, you can bring your car to a drop-off point where they will check whether you have filled in everything correctly. If this is the case, you will usually receive your money within a few days.

2. Take enough clear pictures

If you have decided to sell your car yourself, make sure you make a good first impression with your photos. Remove all the loose items from your car and clean both the outside and the inside. You can do this yourself, but a professional cleaning can also be well worth the investment. When your car looks tiptop you can start taking pictures. Preferably do this outside and against a quiet background, a dark and messy garage is not the best place for your shoot. Make sure you have at least the following photos: front left exterior, rear right exterior, interior through the front door, trunk interior, counters with running engine 9and mileage, the whole dashboard and any damage. If your car has special rims or luxury upholstery, then of course take a picture of that too.

3. Service booklet and MOT

An up-to-date service book is a big advantage when selling your car. It is the best proof that you have always maintained your car properly. If you unexpectedly lose your booklet, you can ask your garage or dealer to fill out a new one. They also keep track of the maintenance they carry out in their own system. Before you put your car up for sale, also check how long your MOT is still valid. If it is about to expire, it may be worth the investment to have it renewed before the sale. A recently inspected car will sell quicker than one that needs to be inspected at short notice, and will probably fetch you a lot more money.

4. Determine the right price

How quickly you sell your car depends largely on the price. A price that is too high will not generate much enthusiasm, but a price that is too low can in fact raise questions and doubts among potential buyers. You can determine the right price by looking closely at what similar cars are asking. Pay attention to year of manufacture, mileage, engine type (fuel and capacity) and MOT. Keep in mind when determining your asking price that most buyers will want to negotiate and often end up with a price below your asking price.