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4 Mindfulness Exercises For At Home

4 Mindfulness Exercises For At Home

Mindfulness can help you get out of the daily rut. How do you start easily? 4 Mindfulness exercises you can do at home.

To apply mindfulness in your life, you don’t have to read dozens of books. You can also start very simply by including one of the mindfulness exercises below in your daily routine.

1. Practice with your breath

There are several breathing exercises that can reduce the stress of the day. For example, there is the exercise called ‘deep observational breathing’: take a deep breath and let your belly fill with air. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly let go. Try to let go of all tension and stress as you exhale.

2. Do a body scan

During a body scan you stand still for a moment at each part of the body. You start with your feet or your head (whichever you prefer) and work your way up or down from here. Example: Focus for 10 seconds on the crown of your head, then on the back of your head, your neck, your shoulders, your belly, and so on. Often this exercise is done lying down, but you can also do it while sitting or standing.

3. Do one activity completely consciously

Choose for yourself an activity that comes back every day and doesn’t take too long, like brushing your teeth or a shower in the morning. Introduce yourself to this activity very consciously. Feel the bristles of the toothbrush on your teeth, the toothpaste in your mouth, the water you rinse. This way you live in the here and now for a moment every day.

4. Walk a little slower

We often do everything fast, faster, quickest. Then there is not much room for mindfulness left. Try to walk a bit slower. A slower pace will make you calmer and you can be more in the moment. Focus on your feet with every step or look around you a bit more.